Updates, 2nd edition, revised

2nd edition, 2000; revised 2003, ISBN 0-9650104-1-4
by Mark W. Oberle

--- Page 15: The scientific name for Puerto Rican Screech-Owl has changed to Megascops nudipes.
--- Page 27: There is no confirmed report of Lesser Antillean Bullfinch in Puerto Rico.
--- Page 32: The scientific name of Audubon's Shearwater should be Puffinus lherminieri.
--- Page 67: The scientific name for Spotted Sandpiper has changed to Actitis macularius.
--- Page 79: The English name Rock Dove has been changed to Rock Pigeon.
--- Pages 80-81: The genus name of Scaly-naped Pigeon, White-crowned Pigeon and Plain Pigeon has changed to Patagioenas.
--- Page 86: The lower right photo of the Ruddy Quail-Dove should be credited to Wayne Arendt.
--- Page 99: Photo of the White-eyed Vireo should be credited to Giff Beaton.
--- Page 112: The scientific name for the Ovenbird has changed to Seiurus aurocapilla.
--- Page 115: The scientific name of Yellow-faced Grassquit has changed to Tiaris olivaceus.

CD-ROM only: The scientific name of the Worm-eating Warbler has been changed to Helmitheros vermivorum.

A Spanish edition of the book without CD-ROM is also available: Las Aves de Puerto Rico en Fotografías. ISBN 978-0-9650104-8-1 Internet book sales: https://tinyurl.com/y3telhxk

Updated 1 June 2006

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