All Birds Caribbean: Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands & northern Lesser Antilles

Short title in App Store: "All Birds PR -> Antigua"

For iPhone, iPod, & iPad running iOS version 11.2 or higher

Bilingual, smartphone app based on the best-selling field guide: Puerto Rico's Birds in Photographs: A complete guide and CD-ROM including the Virgin Islands (ISBN: 978-0-9650104-7-4)

This bilingual smartphone app provides at your fingertips a mini-encyclopedia for all of the birds of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, with extensive text, visual and audio resources.

This app updates and replaces under a new name the previous app edition (2013-2020) "Puerto Rico and Virgin Island Birds in Photos and Audio" (Apple Store short name "PR & VI Birds")
{Android version release planned for September 2020}


only $9.99

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Requirements: iPhone, iPad, or iPod, iOS11.2+; 718 Mb memory